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  • Martha Notaras

Our Investment in Lynk: The Platform Delivering Knowledge-as-a-Service with an AI-driven Approach

By Martha Notaras, Managing Partner, Brewer Lane Ventures

At Brewer Lane Ventures, we’re dedicated to investing in founders and companies who are transforming their markets with innovative approaches and leading technology. We look for companies that deliver high value to customers, while improving the experience by leveraging technology. That’s why we are thrilled to announce our investment in Lynk, the category-defining platform democratizing access to knowledge.

Our portfolio spans a variety of companies whose founders are focused on creating new business models, empowering incumbents, and leveraging insights from data & analytics, and we are excited to add Lynk to the portfolio.

Every industry relies on outside expertise for go-to-market strategies, insights and opinions to inform decision making. With the overload of information, and misinformation, on the internet, and no clear way to find the right person with the right level of knowledge for a business’s specific needs, companies need a trusted partner to help them make sense of where the world is heading next. This is especially critical now given that the pandemic has further stalled this direct flow of knowledge as corporate leaders are unable to meet and seek advice via conferences or in-person meetings.

Our own unmatched network of experts made up of leaders in technology, finance, banking, and across all sectors of insurance (including life, health, and property & casualty) that we’ve built through the years has helped inspire our excitement for Lynk’s cloud-based platform for enterprises to access, build, and share credible human expertise. Through Lynk’s core offering, Lynk Answers, a proprietary AI-driven data engine recognizes, maps and organizes expertise specific to each customer’s needs.

With over 840K+ vetted global experts with experience from more than 1.2M companies like Airbnb, Pfizer, Wells Fargo, and even Academy Award-winning directors, Lynk Answers is providing a cost-effective and scalable way to find credible, first-hand expertise that will accelerate the knowledge economy.

Lynk’s AI-driven data engine indexes knowledge domains and experts, delivering highly relevant discovery and matching questions to experts and answers with a human-in-the-loop approach to drive a virtuous cycle. With experts spanning a variety of verticals from internet technology, consumer goods, finance, pharma & healthcare, each expert is equipped to earn and be valued based on their knowledge and expertise, while also having access to work with the world’s leading and largest brands. Thousands of questions are answered by Lynk experts every day, and businesses use that knowledge to inform decision making. Lynk’s platform also improves end-to-end workflow management, eliminates the email chaos from traditional expert marketplaces, and enables a broader knowledge management platform to create a seamless experience for customers.

After becoming the market leader in Asia, Lynk has paved the way for knowledge seeking and sharing with customers that include Fortune 500 companies, leading global investment firms, and top-tier professional services firms.

Peggy Choi, Lynk’s founder and CEO, is on a mission to democratize access to knowledge for people and enterprises across all industries and parts of the globe, and has a world-class technology team behind her, led by James Lin. James is Lynk’s Chief Technology Officer, having previously served as CTO at RDC and CIO at Forbes. He has extensive experience in machine learning and AI applications, and in developing, running, and scaling Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platforms.

We believe that this is the right approach and Peggy and her team at Lynk are the right group to take this on.

To learn more about Lynk and their recent news, read more here.


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